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Xinnox creates Ximple Xolutions for your on-line presence.


Xinnox has taken the confusion out of designing your website. We have a variety of effective tools and designs which will enhance your on-line presence. At Xinnox, we pride ourselves in delivering cutting edge web development products and services to our clients. We understand that our clients are our reputation. The Xinnox team is dedicated to developing long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing the best services we can at an affordable cost. Designing a website is a cooperative process. Your support and participation are crucial for success.


We cater to global and local clients looking to create an impact on the world wide web by creating top quality, high appeal websites. We can design a range of unique bespoke web sites or design using a range of high quality templates. We understand the importance of giving our clients 'value for money' services that are difficult to match in quality and cost by our competitors worldwide.

Xinnox can imply skill and sophistication or ingenuity and intelligence. Your web site can provide the first impression to a customer.  Xinnox has helped many businesses, organizations, and individuals develop web sites that necessitate the right set of qualities to ensure the site is beneficial to the user and the customer.

When approaching a project, we look at the big picture and concentrate in the detail. What is the client trying to achieve? Who is the site's target audience? What kind of language and imagery will be most effective to convey the right impression to that audience? Once we have a clear direction, we apply our expertise in the fields of web design and programming to fully develop a site that is intuitive, which Appearance is important but other design principles should not be ignored. We will guide you through the process of design, giving jargon-free professional advice. Xinnox will endeavour to obtain the delicate balance of visual effects, download speed, optimisation, fluid of design, ease of use and navigation, with leading edge technology. We will obtain this by:

discussions with clients on purpose and goals
speed download times
site architecture
relationship between pages
visual well optimised graphics
making it easy for users to contact you from any page
users to get the required information with the minimum amount of clicks and navigation
definition of strategies prior to commencement of work
use of internal and external links
use of appropriate mark-up language, technologies and coding
use of appropriate graphics and colour


We have almost hundred of ready-to-go website templates for you to choose from. Here's just a few samples, see our templates for the whole lot more.

Already have a website ?

Websites are your shop floor on the web. If you do not update, or change the layout regularly this may be detrimental to your sales. If your business has a website, but find that it is not performing to its potential, it may be time for a website redesign. Xinnox offer a range of web design services including a design revamp. We can redesign the look of your website and or web content to create a unique and memorable website that will attract new business.

See our templates for your idea of your website or new look.
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