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How would your typical customer find out about your business
 local paper ads
 yellow pages
 search engines
 online directories
 online advertising
 hand delivered flyers
 networks word of mouth
 tv ads
 radio ads
Write down words that are related to your business. Eg. If you are an accountancy firm typical words might be accountant, accountancy, cpa, book keeping, accountancy firm, taxation specialist
Please provide the names and url of your competitors
Purpose and functionality of website
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Who is your hosting provider
If no,
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If you have your domain name registered, please provide the name(s) of the domain
What is the function of the website you wish to develop?
 Advertising to new and existing clients
 Ordering, collecting customer information
 Direct marketing
 Detail Product Information dissemination
 Online sales
How many pages do you expect on the website
What headings/titles will be on your pages
Dynamic Content
Do you require webforms? Yes No
If yes,
Which are web forms you require?
 Contact Us
 Customer Booking Form
 Do you expect any of these forms to be multiple pages?
Do you require a shopping cart? Yes No
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Estimate the number of individual products.  
Will you updating the contents of the shopping cart yourself?   Yes No
Do you require an Online Forum? Yes No
Do you wish to develop an online mailing list which allows people to subscribe to the list from your website? Yes No
Do you wish to utilize PayPal payment gateway? Yes No
Do you wish to have any of the following included in your website?
 Guest Book
 Secure Members Only or Password Protected Login
 Photo Gallery
 SSL Certificate
Website Maintenance
There are two ways in which a website can be updated
   1) CMS: specially designed web programming which will allow you to update the website in a similar fashion to a word document
   2) Having our web designer update pages for you
Will the website be updated
Is being able to update the site regularly a priority? Yes No
What pages do you think will require regular updating?
Website Information and Goals
Please provide the URLs of websites that you like the style of and describe what aspects of each site appeal to you (color, layout, fuctionality, etc?).
What keyword phrases are relevant to your website? ie. if someone was using a search engine to look for a product or service that you sell or provide, what keyword phrases might that person enter.
Website Content
Do you have your logo in digital format? Yes No
Do you have all the images for the website? Yes No
Are they in Digital format? Yes No
What format is the image?
Approx number of images
Do you have a graphic header? Yes No
Approx Number of pages?
Is the page content in electronic version? Yes No
Will you be requiring flash content? Yes No
Will you be requiring multimedia content?
Search Engine Optimization
SEO is a complex process that takes a lot of time. You could do this yourself following the instructions that are available on most engines but if you get it wrong your site could end up being black-listed by the search engine(s).
Will you require Xinnox to provide this service? Yes No
Google Per click advertising Yes No
Other Per click advertising Yes No
Do you require hosting for your website? Yes No
If you do not require hosting, please provide the name of the web hosting provider that you will be using.
Do you require email associated with the domain name? Yes No
How many visitors do you expect to your website each month?
How many sales do you expect to make from your website based on current business projections each month? This information is required to choose the right hosting and systems architecture for your needs.
Do you require website statistics? Yes No
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