xinnox Pricing and Rates

Prices can be divided into two categories.
Bespoke Service

Our competitive rates


Templates are pre-built websites using a range of pre-programmed, pre-developed software, open sourced or licensed software. Using Cascading Style Sheets, our programmers remodel the software, to fit the content, images, colour and style to suit your needs. All content, graphics and logos are supplied by the customer. (Additional costs if Xinnox are commissioned to do this work) By using open source code or templates, a high quality cost effective website can be obtained at a minimal cost. . They are just right for those that want a simple site that looks professional and neat. Many sites on the web today are like this. This option is a very effective alternative for the small to medium sized company, or organisation.

Special Plans
Email Stationary $50 + GST
Not-for-Profit Companies - Standard Cost - $100 + GST
Web starter pack (One-page site) - Standard Cost - $197 + GST
Value e-basic site - Standard Cost - $585 + GST
Basic e-commerce site - Standard Cost - $1950 + GST
Basic e-forum site - Standard Cost - $1600 +GST
Advanced "Manage it yourself" site (CMS Site) - Standard Cost - $2200
Advanced Business Site - Standard Cost - $3600

Bespoke Service

Bespoke Service is a per hour service to building a site. We will custom build your site. See more detail here

Hidden Costs

There are three major costs involved with a website: the set up costs, the initial design and development costs the ongoing costs, and the updating and marketing of the website. Please see our process for developing a website for more information.

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Initial Development Costs

Domain Name Registration
All websites must have a domain name. This is the URL or part of the website. The domain name is like your company's street address, it tells other computers looking for your website exactly where in the world it is located. It has to be set up to point to the exact location of your site. Registration is an initial cost plus a yearly charge. Like an address the one you want may not be available. Xinnox team will guide you through this process.

Consultation & strategic planning
This is a free service at Xinnox, we will take you through the process of

Planning and Development

The planning and development stage is done with you the client

Photography & copywriting
Photography and copywriting can either be supplied by you or we can organise a professional to deliver these services for you.

Graphic design
Images can either be supplied by you or Flash Design,

Programming and Specifications
Xinnox has world class programmers

Development, testing & deployment

Ongoing Costs

Hosting is the block of land your website is situated in. It is where your website data is actually stored. Of course like a block of land you will pay more if your building (Website) uses up a lot of the land, or if your building is in a high traffic area. In some cases you might ask to have a major highway built right in front of your block of land. You will also pay more if you need an electric fence around your house or a security guard patrolling the perimeter, or a dedicated maintenance staff on hand. In the same way, website hosting charges depend on the type and size of the website, the amount of traffic and the security required.

Domain Names
Domain names are paid yearly, and is an ongoing cost often forgotten about. You can pay them on 1, 2, 3 or 5 year terms.

Updating your website
Updating your website is another ongoing cost which is a necessary part of a great website. Many shops change their layout to ensure customers do not get bored with the shop and to ensure they find other products whilst looking for things that were initially somewhere else. Often you will need to update your contact details, change pictures or alter text on your site. This can be done with a CMS (Content Management System) programming which will allow our client to change content without any programming knowledge or special tools.

We also offer a service to update your website as necessary. It is as easy as sending an email.

Marketing & SEO
Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process.

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