xinnox Terms and Conditions



All quotes supplied by Xinnox are valid for 1 month. Quotes represent the final price of website development, not an estimate.
Payment Terms
  1. If Xinnox and the client agree to web development 50% payment is required. 
  2. Xinnox reserves the right refuse work at its sole discretion.
  3. Xinnox requires the client to pay the final amount within 7 days from the date of the invoice.
  4. Payments that are outstanding for more than 14 days may incur a late penalty.
Cancellations and Refunds

If the client wishes to cancel the development of their website, once work has commenced, the client must do so in writing.
Website Content
  1. Clients are required to ensure that the content of their website meets all the current legislation regarding publications.
  2. The client shall further indemnify Xinnox in respect of any claims, costs and expenses that may arise from any material included in their site.
  3. Xinnox reserves the right not to include any material supplied by the client if Xinnox deems it inappropriate or offensive.
  4. Xinnox will not be involved in websites that contain defamatory, illegal, pornographic or sexually explicit material.
Permissions & Copyrights
  1. The client will obtain all the necessary permissions and authorities in respect of the use of all copy, graphics, registered company logos, names and trademarks or any other material supplied to Xinnox
  2. Supply of above mentioned material by the client shall be regarded as a guarantee by the client to Xinnox that all such permissions and authorities have been obtained.
  3. No responsibility will be accepted by Xinnox for damages to or losses incurred by the client from the use of material for which the required permission or authority has not been obtained.
  4. All original graphics designed and supplied by Xinnox, remain the property of Xinnox
  5. Xinnox retains the copyright to the source code of the dynamic website which may not be reproduced, or used in a manner that breaches these terms and conditions
  6. Xinnox creates the website for the purposes outlined in the quotation.
Errors & Liabilities
  1. Xinnox will use all due care to ensure sites worked on by Xinnox are free of errors.
  2. Xinnox will correct any errors made by staff of Xinnox in the course of working on a client's site.
  3. Xinnox does not accept any responsibility for losses or damage arising from errors within any site.

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