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All professional sites are developed without templates and are custom made. Content, graphics and logos are supplied by the customer although these can be designed by a team. The requirements of each site are carefully analysed to work out the layout that best suits your business' needs ensuring that pages are logical and easy to navigate and communicate the message you want to present to YOUR website's visitors. The following section is laid out to give you a guide to our charges that we work from.

Professional tailor-made Sites

Custom Website Development and Website Maintenance – Standard Cost - $97 / hour

- to your specific requirements - PHP, ASP, Database, Javascript, image maps, Shopping Cart etc

Website maintenance can be done using a Content Management System (CMS) at a nominal fee / month the CMS can be design so you can change the words or images on your website using a program which is as simple as a word document. Whether you have a CMS or not depends on how often you wish to update your website. Consult with Xinnox for more advice.

Submit Form $83 / page

A submit form provides input fields for your website visitor to type in required information, this information is emailed to you when your visitor clicks the "Submit" button. Some examples of a submit form include information request, accommodation booking form, contact us form

Image Processing

Image Processing is a process of scanning, and/or cropping / resizing / optimising supplied images for the web. Many images on the web are not optimised and therefore create pages to load slowly.
1-100 images               $20 / image
100-1000 images         $18 / image
1000 or more               $15 / image

Once-off integration and upload of databases

Your product data can be uploaded to your site, integrated into your pages and once completed you may be able to update from your private online admin page, or you may upload your database to the site via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Product data must be supplied in the required file format and we recommend that you consult with us prior to commencing setting up a database that you want to have integrated into a site.


Xinnox reserves the right to all copyright of design and source code. All content supplied by you is of course subjected to it own individual copyright. (e.g. If you own the copyright of artwork then, the copyright stays with you although we use it on your webpage)
If you wish to purchase the copyright, passwords and source code then this is available at the cost of $147 per website.

See our Portfolio for samples and ideas of your new site

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